27 January 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday

It turned out today is a big day. Around noon EST we will find out what magical gadget Apple will offer to the world. I personally do not care for a tablet because I believe I use my eyes too much already. I listen to podcasts and such, so a tablet won't do what I can already do with an iPod.

Around dinner time, President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union. Politics as it is, he probably will say that our nation is strong but there are challenges ahead. What bombshells can he possibly drop?

Last but not least, and closer to my heart, is the meeting, perhaps at Newtown High School itself, at which the school will be considered for closing. Supposedly students there are not doing well enough on standardized test or there are too many dropping out. I doubt closing the school will accomplish anything, but I heard these kinds of things before. If you are an alum of Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens, NY, and do not want the school closed, sign the petition here:


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  1. Ill hold my judgement until I get to see it in my local Apple store. What I want is something that I can surf the Internet on from anywhere, and carry around with me with my data that I need. Now most of my data resides in the "cloud" Gmail, Picasa, various websites and blogs. I need very little space on the hard drive, though it would be nice to carry my entire song library with me, but I'm sure I could store that in a cloud somewhere as well.

    However I do write a lot of emails, so we will see how easy it is to type this long of an paragraph over and over..