02 March 2010

Geographic Word Links?

A niece of mine, who we shall call JC, likes to play with me a version of what I described in the last post as Word Links. Instead of regular words, however, we would use names geographic locations. Continents, nations, cities, mountains, rivers, and so on. It is nice that a kid actually likes geography, what with so many adults, not just kids, in the U.S.A. so ignorant of world geography. I am a tad above average myself with geography so I can use a lesson or two on the topic. It is not enough to utter the geographic words but also say something about them, how the places are important enough to be known. Hey, a little history is good to know, too.

Like the regular Word Links games, certain letters appear often at the end of these "words". I think most annoying is the letter "A". You have ASIA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA, AMERICA, ANGOLA, and so on. You can spend the whole game using only words that end and start with the letter "A" - no fun at all. The letter "Y" also comes up often at the end of word, although there are not that many geo-words that start with it. "K" is another letter that behaves like "Y". If my memory serves me right, "E" and "N" geo-words are hard to come by, too.

In the spirit of making the Geo Word Links game better, I've created the following list of words with some info about them. Most info comes from Wikipedia, others from an ancient (1982) Compton's Encyclopedia I rescued off the street some years ago, and some just whatever came to my head, including attempts at humor. Feel free to chime in with suggestions or correction of facts. Enjoy!


AmsterdamCapital city of the Netherlands.

AnchorageThe largest city in Alaska.

AnnapolisCapital city of Maryland.

AntietamPart of Virginia, site of the bloodiest, single-day battle of the American Civil War.

ArlingtonPart of Virginia, best known for the Arlington National Cemetery.

EdinburghCapital city of Scotland.

EgyptA country in north Africa, home to the Sphinx and Pyramids.

ElizabethPort city of New Jersey, home to Ikea and Jersey Garden Mall.

EstoniaA country in Northern Europe. At the end of World War II, as the Russian Army advanced toward Germany, it took over Estonia and nearby countries. It was not until 1991 that Estonia became an independent country again.

EthiopiaA country in Africa. In the 1980s, Ethiopia was the victim of famines. The Supergroup USA for Africa raised money for Ethiopia and similar victims with its song "We Are the World".

EvergladesA vast area of land and water in southern Florida, by now (2010) probably taken over by golf courses and time-share condos.

KathmanduCapital city of Nepal.

KeynaA nation in Africa popularly known for having top winners in the New York City Marathon.

Khe SanhA city in the former South Viet Nam. The U.S. had an army base there and, as a show of force, the North Vietnamese Army laid siege to the base, but was unsuccessful at capturing it.

KilimanjaroThe highest mountain in Africa.

KnoxvilleThe third largest city of Tennessee (U.S. state)

KomodoAn island in Indonesia once used as an exile prison, now best known for its komodo dragon, a large, ferocious lizard.

KosovoA region in Serbia that has been trying to gain independence from Serbia.

KyotoA city in Japan where the Kyoto Protocol was adopted. The Protocol's aim was to fight global warming. The Protocol was ratified by many nations in the world, with the U.S. the sole country with no plan in accepting it.

NairobiCapital city of Kenya.

NepalA small country between India and China, home to Mount Everest and The Himalayas.

NevadaU.S. state perhaps best known for its Las Vegas city.

New BrunswickA province in Canada, home to the Bay of Fundy and other natural wonders.

NigerA landlocked country in Eastern Africa, not to be confused with Nigeria.

NorwayA country in Northern Europe, home of the Vikings.

NurembergGerman city known for the trial of Nazi leaders charged with crimes against humanity.

YonkersThe fourth most populous city in New York State. Just north of New York City, Yonkers is so confusing to New Yorkers that a play called "Lost in Yonkers" was written about the experience. Wink, wink.

YorktownVillage in Virginia (U.S. state) that is best known as the site of the last battle of the U.S. Revolutionary War.

YpresA city in Belgium that was fought over by the two sides of World War I. All together there were three Battles of Ypres. During the Second Battle of Ypres, poison gas was used by the Germans, for the first time on the Western Front.

YucatanA peninsula in Mexico.

YugoslaviaA former country in Eastern Europe that was made up of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and other countries.

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  1. You make me feel like dancing - well, no dancing for my two left feet - after reading your Word Link and now Goegraphic Word Link, I wanted to get out "A word a day" calendar and all the books on how to improve your vocabulary in one week - haa haa
    I sure miss those days when my thirst for knowledge and desire to learn was stronger than all the lazy bones in my body. Perhaps I could do word link with all the hockey/football players/teams :)
    Here is to a good and hopefully relaxing weekend.