06 March 2010

Manhattan Beach Re-Visited

New York City has five boroughs - Manhattan, Queens, Kings (better known as Brooklyn), the Bronx, and Richmond (aka Staten Island). So where in New York City would you find a place called Manhattan Beach? In Brooklyn, of course! Why? Fuhgeddaboutit, that's just the way it is. Maybe Wikipedia has some background on the name...

Manhattan Beach is a small public beach that would be connected to Coney Island's beach, at the eastern end of the Boardwalk, had it not for some private property in the way. I lived in the area for a while before I made a trip, on bicycle with my nephews, there one day. I returned a second time with my son. He had some fun playing in the sand and then in the playground. It is a small quaint area, quiet and clean, far from the maddening crowd. At least based on the occasions I visited it, which I am sure were not peak season.

I recently re-visited the place, again on bike, as I had a little extra time after reaching the eastern end of the Coney Island Boardwalk.

There is a beach house, I suppose for people to change clothes and take a shower to wash off all the saltwater.

Last time I came the beach was wide open. This time there were this structure I suppose to protect erosion or what not.

There is a barbecue area right off the beach, although there was a sign warning partying people to stay x feet away from the fence.
If you are not into swimming or getting sands in your shoes, relax on the benches or throw some basketballs in the court.

Pat Parlato Playground did not look any different. Some water fountain is still there, plus the typical playground structures. I once told my son, perhaps jokingly, that I would take him to playgrounds wherever we go. He may not care much what I said, but nowadays whenever we visit a playground I would take a photo of the place, especially with its name. I should put together some Google map of the photos I have. Perhaps I'll call it Every Child Needs A Playground.

The biggest difference I know upon my third visit to Manhattan Beach is the bike lane. I remember well the second time I came, perhaps in the afternoon, I parked the minivan right outside the park, on the street, on Oriental Boulevard. Now there is a bike lane and then a buffer zone. I am sure some motorists complain about the loss of convenient parking but as a cycling enthusiast, I welcome the change very much.


  1. Thats great.. the bike lane I mean.

  2. It should be changed to Brooklyn Beach just to be geographically correct.