23 May 2010

The Long and Short of Cyclist Shorts

After two weeks of plunking down some hard-earned money for a pair of cyclist shorts, I finally put it on and went for a ride. My philosophy with working out is to get out of the house quickly, which means clothes shouldn't be a factor in getting ready. I've been wearing old pants but once or twice the pants got caught by the bicycle gears. With the warm weather mostly arrived, I can get by with wearing regular shorts. Still, I decided to splurge and got a pair of real cyclist shorts, something like $60+. Gel-cushioned, it's comfy on the standard bike seat, but I have to wonder how cyclists store the usual things like home keys and wallet. In my case, I used a fanny pack strapped around my chest but I suppose it still negated the cool factor introduced by the cyclist shorts. I never have to worry about having people telling my fly is open but I imagine if you need to go it is rather complicated while wearing cyclist shorts.

The first time I thought of putting on a pair of cyclist shorts, I recalled the poster for a particular classic movie. I haven't seen it but I have a general idea what it's about. I tried to re-create a scene in the movie. Can you tell what movie it is?

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  1. Congratulations to The Graduate - don't let Mrs. Robison ride your bicycle. She might never give it back :)