30 May 2010


It really is difficult to buy a compost bin in Brooklyn. My local Home Depot has just one model - not much of a selection. On the way home from setting up Time Machine for my sister's MacBook, I dropped by Lowe's. There were two models available. A 6-gallon rotating model that supposedly speeds up the decomposing process to weeks instead of months, but which will cost $100! Then there was a 115-gallon model that cost just $50 but you would have to rake the content to move things around. Alas, there was only one piece of merchandise left and it has a broken plastic piece floating inside the shrink-wrapped package. A handy person may be able to substitute that broken piece somehow but I am not a handyman, so I had to pass on it. Nearby, Home Depot supposedly has some bins but it was already almost 9 P.M. and the store already closed down its gardening section, located outside the store building. Rats!

In other composting news, today I swapped the garbage bin in use in the front yard with the newer garbage bin that I've been using as a compost bin. It was the first time I actually turned the compost pile upside down. The stuff at the bottom was too wet and smelled a bit. The SunChip bag that I put in from a month ago didn't look too different, i.e. still intact and not turned into soil. The ad for SunChip did say it would start to decompose in 9 weeks or so, so I'll wait some more before passing judgement.

The "new" bin is actually something a neighbor threw away, for whatever reason, only lightly used. It didn't come with a lid so I used a board or two to cover it. I already used it a few months so it won't be so wasteful when I drill many holes in its sides to give the compost heap more aeration.

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