21 August 2010

Bronx Half-Marathon, Bonus Questions for Vietnamese

After the Bronx Half-Marathon, I attended a luncheon for my wife's grandmother.  To be easy for others, it was held in the much-hated, by me anyway, Manhattan Chinatown.  Will anything ever be done so it's easy on the drivers among us?  It was next to impossible to find parking in the area.  The sea and mountain of people in the area were just staggering.  I was a bit tired from the race and felt even worse upon arriving in Chinatown.  I ended up parking far away at some municipal parking lot.  At the end of the long walk from the parking lot, I met the paternal grandmother, plus others, for lunch.  What's the Vietnamese phrase to describe the situation?  Hint:  I was tired then I saw the paternal grandmother.

Only Vietnamese speakers need to try!

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