04 August 2010

Queens Half-Marathon Photos

My photo order from BrightRoom arrived yesterday.  At $15 or so a pop, I better milk the photos for all they got!  I wish someone I knew was there at the finish line or along the way to photograph me, but then again the race started at 7 A.M. and I finished around 10 A.M., on a Sunday.  Most people would just get up then.  Even if someone was there, chances are BrightRoom had exclusive rights for the event, at least at the finish line, but that's just my guess.

I already signed up for the Bronx Half-Marathon, August 15.  That's less than two weeks away and I haven't run since about two weeks ago because of all the clean-up around the house.  Ack!  Better turn in early for the night and try to do 8K tomorrow morning!!!


  1. Did the lady next to you beat you? I cant remember..

  2. She did. If this photo was not cropped to have most of her removed, you would see that her shadow is closer to the foreground than my shadow.