19 January 2011

A Cuppa Joe

The introduction of the "Trenta" size at Starbucks got me thinking about going back to it just once to see how monstrous this thing is.  On second thought, the fancy labels applied to their cup sizes and staff members, among other things, so far has held me back.  Here is what else is on my mind...

Quit correcting me, all I want is a cuppa joe
Don't ask me the size of my shoe
Just add milk and two sugars to my pint
I don't care if you have Wi-Fi by Sprint
Life is short, there is much to do, to live
But your queue makes me feel less alive

As usual, meters in poetry I cannot handle.  Give me a kilometer and I know it has 1000 meters...

No rhyme or reason?  Well, reason yes, rhyme, hmm, only to the eyes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm poor white trash.. but I'm liking this one..