20 January 2011



by SA£ SANTU¢¢1

All I want is a canoli
And of course to say “Hi”
To my shrunken Little Italy
The reason, I think, I know why
Better believe it, Mr. Bertucci
It’s what your neighbors call “feng shui”

(One of the things I remember from high school English class is "local flavor" - literature that celebrates something special/mundane but particular to a place. This is my contribution to New York City local flavors. Instead of explaining the poem, I'll leave it to you to do your Googling or looking things up in Wikipedia to get the gist of the matter.  Just so you don't get distracted, I substituted certain characters in the byline just so the real person - I am sure there are many - will be less likely to come across this note.
Oh yes, I am on an eye-rhyme roll! Hmm, eye-rhyme roll... does that not sound like an item in a bento box?)


  1. Glad to read that you are in your toasty warm home from the Half Marathon. How about a canoli and a cup of coffee, just simple regular coffee :)
    It is sunny and in the upper 30s here. It was predicted that snow will be coming late Sunday night, just in time for Monday morning rush hours - blah.
    Look forward to seeing photos from today's race.
    Keep warm and keep up your training.

  2. Sorry, TOTA, but there won't be any photos from today's race, at least from my camera. I pushed myself by not stopping for water the whole race and shaved 10 minutes off my time. Stopping and removing the gloves then digging out the cell phone camera would eat away any time I would save.