02 January 2011

New Year Resolutions, With Feasibility Ratings

All right, here we go with the usual New Year Resolutions, but this year they come with Feasibility Ratings.  Yup, "feasible" is my preferred word over "doable", which is so lame.  For crying out loud, it's just "do" with "able" tacked to the end.  Any decent wordsmith should avoid words formed from a verb and "able".

Here's the list, with Feasibility Rating, 10 being easily achieved and 1 being impossible.

  1. Lose twenty pounds.  That's 9.07 kilograms for us Metrics-lovers.  I would have said 10 kilograms but the scale I own has only pounds readings.  Maybe some day when it breaks I will buy a dual scale.  While my exercise regiment from more than a year ago has resulted in some weight loss and a general good feeling, my weight seems to plateau at 190 pounds, my spare tire is still there, if not bigger, and my running pace is still around 11 minutes/mile.  It's time I add a better diet to the formula.  Lose some weight which I believe in return will result in better speed.  Feasibility Rating, or FR for short = 9.
  2. Digitize everything I own or can lay my hands on.  Like photo prints and yearbooks.  My mother has a great collection of photos, many in black & white, brought from Viet Nam, as well as more recent photos of our lives in America.  What a treasure trove for the family tree!  I am almost done with my own high school yearbook, but there is the junior high school one, college, and wife's high school.  Someone from her year was looking for it and I offered to scan the whole thing in.  FR = 2.
  3. "Possess Less", that's my new motto.  Possessions possess the possessor, so I heard.  At this point in life, I think I have all that I need.  Well, an iPod touch would be nice.  When you know you have something but don't know where it is, or cannot easily locate it, that's when you have too much.  Or not organized enough.  Having less will help you be more organized.  Being a green pack rat does not help, of course.  I just hate to simply throw things out, but at least I live on a street with heavy foot traffic, so things will, mostly, disappear fast when I put them out on the curb.  FR = 5
  4. More production, less consumption.  I fancy myself a producer - via this blog and the occasional cartoon or other artsy works.  Of course, Facebook can be a detractor, but I can work my productions into FB, too.  I just hope my contributions won't get lost among the many "status updates" that some of my FB friends churn out by the minutes.  Writing a series of tutorial on how to avoid polluting the FB news feed, or how to keep the news feed free of pollutants, would be a win-win product.  FR = 7


  1. Great Ideas. The weight loss should be easy if you cut out extra sugar and junk food. I especially like #3 as you know we are very non-materialistic and have gotten rid of tons of stuff.. I dont miss any of it.

    #4 I kind of find interesting and have been thinking about as well. Im sick of the constant status updates of people saying good night, saying good morning and the general "hello facebook friends" updates. anyone that puts some type of bible verse as an update or a daily smile will get removed from my feed. I also think I will start checking FB less... its becoming a time waster with small minded thoughts.. anyways... Happy New Year! Its almost time for my familys tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year! Woo Hoo!

  2. Since I am not a respectable or decent wordsmith, I could continue to say, "Is it workable?" or "Is it sustainable?".
    Glad to see new posts from you. I still have not written my first post of 2011. I don't know if I will make any New Year resolutions either. Because they might be break-able - haa haa
    Have a good week.

  3. Hey, TOTA, I thought I say no words made from verb + able allowed! I will remove you from my FB news feed. Oh wait, you are not on it, effectively.

    Sure, Salabencher, diet is not my forte, but I'll have to include it. How about 3 days (T, W, and Th) of healthy lunches each week? I cannot go cold turkey.