02 February 2011

Mount Qwerty

Perhaps because I recently watched "The Flags of Our Fathers" on DVD, I had this idea of naming the pile of snow in my front yard. It was already a big pile but I made it even fatter and taller. Instead of adding by shovelful of snow, I first dropped a few shovels onto a saucer sled then stepped onto a stool, to reach higher, and plopping the sled atop the pile. The roundish chunk of snow reminds me of the energy balls thrown by characters in Street Fighter or Dragon Ball. Being Qaptain Qwerty, I named the "mountain" "Mount Qwerty". I happened to have a shovel that served me over ten years and was all banged up. Atop the pile it went, with a qwerty keyboard tied to its handle.

All this snow brought the worse side of humanity, something my friend Salabencher would readily quote "Tragedy of the Commons". Most people's goal was to remove snow from their property. Dump it onto the street is the obvious thing to do, but my neighbor went further by dumping onto the driveway that I just cleared. When confronted, she ranted on and on in broken English and made no sense whatsoever. Further down the block, five or six parking spots were lost to a snow mesa. I suppose some of those houses have their own parking spaces in the community drive, but not all of them. Last but not least we have the people who built big piles of snow right on the curb, so that when it rains heavily the water has no place to go but form large puddles.