04 March 2011

But It Is Home

It is a cold, rainy Monday morning in Brooklyn, New York.  What a gloomy way to get back to work or school.

This time of the week last week, I was in sunny and warm Florida, in the Kissimmee area.  The week went by with visits to Universal Studio and Epcot, running along country roads where there was no sidewalks, and reading of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by the side of the swimming pool.  Believe it or not, I missed home.

Back at home, there was a pile of sale receipts waiting for me to enter into a Google doc.  It is my attempt at try to have better control of my finances.  Not too long during a purge of my worldly possession, I simply threw out stack of such receipts but over time they've accumulated again.  But it is home.

Back at home, my office, now smaller, consists of just 2 flat surfaces and a chair.  Printers and scanner are usable but not on a big desk like before.  I have a few boxes of stuff to go through before I would buy a computer desk.  Messy, messy.  But it is home.

Back at home, I have much of what used to be in my office up in the attic.  Computers and computer parts that I probably will never use, but just don't have the heart to throw out.  Books, board games, newspapers, etc.  I tried to be organized and labeled many of the boxes on 3 sides but I still ended up with 2 boxes that simply read "papery stuff".

It is cold and not always sunny, but daybreak comes sooner now.  And it is home.


  1. A late "welcome back" to NYC :)
    I remembered feeling so happy when we came back to St. Louis from California, after our 9-day Route 66 adventure last year. The trip was wonderful but it is always so good to come home.
    It is cloudy and gloomy here today. It rained all night and there is a river running thru our backyard.
    Look forward to photos from the trip. Did you get together with Lone Gunman?
    Soon you will be in St. Louis where it is always sunny - NOT !

  2. Yes, I met the Lone Gunman, at last. Not sure how I would get his photo into the blog, maybe I'll just email it to you separately. About the photos, there are that many. Perhaps because we are no longer required to finish a roll of film (36 exposures or 24) any more, or that the kids no longer care about cartoon characters, I actually took fewer photos than before. I'll send you a Picassa link some day.

  3. Hey guys, we had a great time visiting with the family. We actually moved back to Tampa the next week! My wife had been discussing our lease with the office, and they had another family that wanted our place. If we could be out in less than a week, we would be allowed to leave no questions asked... So being non material and all, and owning very little.. we were able to leave pretty easily. We are in Tampa now with my mom while i visit Dr's and focus on my health. Thanks again for dinner! If TOTA gets tired of the cold, come down to Florida and I can meet another member of the family.

    - LG