10 April 2011

Marred My Thong in the Marathon

I was all excited and ready for the St. Louis Marathon.  Got up 10 minutes before the alarm clock made its noise, was at the runners' corral before the 7 AM starting time, waited patiently for my turn to leave the corral.  There were many times more half-marathoners than full ones and we just had to slowly walk toward the starting line.  It was not cloudy as the weather report said, a bit warm but not as bad as some hot days I felt in Brooklyn, NY.  Perfect running weather, at least in my book.  There was plenty of water and Gatorade along the way.  I kept a steady pace to conserve my energy for the home stretch.  I was sure the last six miles would be challenging.  There were some hills along the way, but thinking of the support I got from my Facebook friends, like Deb (both of them), Annie, Rachel, Heather, and others, helped me move forward.

Alas, it was not meant to be.  Before I reached Mile 10, where originally the half-marathoners and full-marathoners would part ways, race officials decided the weather was not suitable to continue the full-marathon.  Some people mentioned last year's Chicago Marathon.  Maybe it was too hot and some people succumbed to heatstroke, or worse.  I did see at least two runners lying by the side of the road with emergency technicians helping them.

I was so disappointed I walked a bit after Mile 12.  All that planning, of taking easy the first few miles, turned out to be for nothing.  This half-marathon will probably not have my best time, since I slowed down for water a few times, because I thought I need the energy for later.  I still get a medal that says 26.2 miles, but I know I did not run the 26.2 miles.  Now I have to seriously consider the Long Island Marathon in early May.

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