08 April 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

Boarding pass printed, my one piece of luggage packed, training done, or as done as it possibly be done... I am off to LaGuardia Airport for the flight to St. Louis for the marathon on Sunday!

It's some McDonnel Douglas plane model, so at least I won't have to worry any cracks in the fuselage.

The sore throat is still there, hopefully it will be gone by Sunday.  My nose was sniffling two days ago, but as usual a good night's sleep took care of it.  I hadn't have that in a long time, just missed a few days of running and it came right back.

Can a pain in the arch be the same as a pain in the arse?  I didn't run the past few days so it does not hurt any more going downstairs but I know it will come back on Sunday night.

Being a pessimistic person, I can think of many phrase to describe the possible undesirable outcome of the run.  "Misery in Missouri".  "Still Lose It in St. Louis".  "Marred My Thong in the Marathon".

Only one way to find out, RUN!!!!!

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