24 May 2011

80s Classics

Years ago, classics music meant music from the 1960s and older.  Nowadays, in the year 2011, 1980s music is considered classics, too.  Whatever 1980s music is called, to me it's the stuff I grew up with.  That meant America's Top Ten with Casey Kasem on Saturday, Friday Night Video on, duh, Friday nights, and America's Top 40 on Sunday morning and afternoon.  Oh yeah, also Solid Gold with Dionne Warwick, which is not always good, but there were good moments.  I never got into music enough to learn any instruments or join a band, just enough to recognize most songs that were played on the radio.  At some point, Life changed and suddenly one day I don't know any of the current songs or singers.  Sure I discovered Jonathan Coulton and whatever songs honored by "Weird" Al Yankovic with a parody, but in general I don't know much else.

This past September when my Son joined the chorus at school I thought he would be singing church music and such.  Or maybe worse the typical crap played on the radio these days.  Luckily his teacher has a 1980s project for them to work with and Son came home with songs like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".  Around Christmas time the chorus practiced and sang Christmas songs, naturally, but comes spring and they finally unleashed their 80s classics.  Today I got to attend the performance outside Brooklyn Borough Hall.  They performed many songs and I recorded them all badly but Journey's Separate Way is one of my favorite songs, so here it is!  (Note to self:  zoom in before the performance begins and do not zoom back out until the performance is done.)

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