17 May 2011

Fartlek, Anyone?

Colonoscopy technology is so advanced these days, doctors no longer have to put on gloves and get messy with the camera probing about.  Instead, doctors can be assisted with a voice-control robotic arm that does all the work.  It all starts with the doctor's command, "See colon, enter."

Seriously, I don't think the technology changed that much since I last had one more than five years ago.  It did feel fast.  One minute I was having a broken chat with the anesthesiologist then the next instance he woke me up to go to the recovery room.  I did not even feel groggy, just bloated from all the gas that went in.  From what I blogged last time, I had a nasty headache because of the fasting before the procedure.  This time maybe because the liquid diet actually helped somewhat, or maybe because of my recent more active lifestyle, I did not have a headache at all.  Not the morning of the procedure, not afterward.  Before, if I somehow forgot to have coffee in the morning, or skipped lunch, a headache certainly came in the late afternoon.  I think it is mostly due to all the jogging and regular exercise.  We have only one body to worship, let us take good care of it through exercise!

Speaking of which, here is just one more joke.  Since I skipped running two days in a row, I thought of putting in some miles after the procedure.  I asked my doctor about it and he said, "Fartlek, no; fart, yes."  OK, such conversation never happened but I did refrain from running today. 

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