11 January 2012

Extra Income

Extra income, who cannot use some?  If you believe the spammers and the scammers, it is easy to come by.  Make thousands of dollars per week stuffing envelopes! Er, would you have to first shell out thousands of dollars to buy "training materials"?  Earn a few grands while you sleep!!!  Hmm, any chance of missing some body parts after waking up?  The promises from that "friend" about multi-level marketing ain't that exciting as well.

My wallet is badly hurt after I claimed my guaranteed entry for the 2012 NYC Marathon.  $216, up from 2011's $150!  The sport of running is supposed to be inexpensive to get into.  Of course in the 2 years I have been actively run, I spent some money on races, club membership, tech clothes, gadgets, and accessories.  $200 for a Garmin GPS watch, $50 for a heart rate monitor, $45 for a water belt, $70 for the Brooklyn Marathon, all very worthwhile, but they all add up.  I am lucky enough to have a steady job and money left over after the usual expenses, but I still feel the need to cover the expenses via some extra income.  For me, there are not that many choices, but here are some, for entertainment purposes but I do take the ideas seriously.

Blogging.  I love to write, or at least to rant, so blogging is the ideal platform.  It helps to be passionate about what you write.  In recent years, I have slacked off but it is time to be more active again.  Instead of regurgitating my posts in Facebook, as Notes, I am directing my FB friends to the blog itself, where there is a chance someone will click on them oh-so-right-on contextual ads.  Yes!  My 300 FB friends will help pay for my next venti mocha Frappacchino with java chips!

Metal-scraping.  That's when you go around collecting metal trash and sell them at junk yards by weight.  I actually did this recently just to find out what the process is.  I did not have to scourge for the junk as I knew someone who wanted to get rid of some pieces of metal, big pieces.  The pieces turned out to be about 20 pounds total and earned me a whopping... $2 !!!  The scrap-metal place has a scale that a van/car can drive onto.  My puny pieces were too small for that so I took it further inside the yard where they had a smaller scale.  It rained the night before so the yard was muddy and slippery.  The scale guys gave me a piece of paper with the weight written on it.  I was told to toss the pieces onto a heap nearby then go for my big bucks.  It was a good experience.  I would love to have the time and the means to go around town picking up metal pieces and turn them in for cash.  Something for nothing and help clean up the environment.  Someone is already doing that because the few times I put out some metal stuff as trash they disappeared quickly. Now that I've done it once, I would not mind doing it more often.

What legit ways do you think will work for you to bring in some extra income?

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