13 January 2012

O Brother Where the Heck Art Thy Startup Files?

Some time ago I rescued a Brother MFC off the street and it worked fine as a network scanner.  I certainly did not need another printer, especially an inkjet, but the Brother's network scanning function can be useful at times.

The neighbor who threw the MFC away was not considerate enough to include the Mac driver software that may have come with the printer {grin}.  Luckily, it was the year 200x so a quick trip to some Brother web site and I got all the software I needed.  Unfortunately for my son, every time he logged in, with his own account, he would be prompted to configure the dang MFC.  Son had no need for the device and wanted the setup software not to bother him.  I believe strongly in not giving my users, i.e. Son, more powers or functions than needed, so I did not go through with the setup.

To disable the annoying behavior, the first place I visited was the Accounts preferences applet.  Nothing in Login Items!  How can that be?  Next I opened the preferences window for the Brother applet called "Control Center."  This applet certainly got launched somehow.  There are checkboxes to tell the app to hide its splash screen and also to launch when the Mac starts.  Unchecking those boxes should do the trick.  Or so I thought.  Still nothing, I spent a little time Googling for a solution but found nothing as well.  Just more people who are so sure it is a simple issue to be solved with a visit to Accounts login items.  Other people were more helpful and mentioned Library/LaunchAgent etc.  The real solution, or perhaps more of a workaround, is to move the applets, ControlCenter and DeviceSelector, away from their default location of 


I moved the 2 apps a level up, i.e. right beneath Brother, and the problem went away.  I still do not know how the programs got launched but they no longer launch merely because they were moved.  Fine with me, problem solved.  And, Brother, please do not pull these stunts.  Put things that launch at login time in the, uh, Login Items folder.

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