19 January 2012


It seems the web blackout on 18 January 2012 had an effect on SOPA.  Back to our regular programming!  To be exact, whatever that comes into my mind.

At one time, I started a series about whatever I observed while out jogging.  I only wrote once for the "series", about the seemingly unnecessary drive-thru at the Starbuck's that sat in Raymore & Flanigan's parking lot.  I did make many other "observations" while jogging but only share them with my Facebook friends.  Here they are at last for the blogosphere, Vanity Plates I Saw While Running.

I like the challenge of figuring out the real words behind the plates.  New York City being the melting pot of many cultures, for two of these plates it helps if you know Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.  That is all the tips you will get from me.  Happy decoding!

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