06 February 2012


I recently downloaded all the workout entries I made on DailyMile.com.  It is nice to store data in the Cloud but what if something between you and the Cloud breaks down?  It cannot hurt to back-up your data every now and then.

With the DailyMile data neatly downloaded in a CSV file, I was able to quickly filter the data.  Of special interest to me is the info on my swimming experience.  While I achieved some personal records with running, in December 2011, the first few months of 2012 were slow with organized races.  First the NYRR Manhattan Half became an untimed run, then the Valentine's Day Run by the Holidays Marathons (HM) group got cancelled because of, what else, permit issue.  All along I thought all HM races would be held in Tibbett Brook Park, but that was just my wrong assumption.  Other than one week of rest from running because of a foot injury, the new year saw me running regularly.  I still enjoy running but know that in 2012 I improved at swimming.  It is time to review my swim data.

I was never a good swimmer and still am not.  Swimming was something I would do while on vacation, in the hotel pool.  The next day my arms/shoulders would ache a lot, the price of leading the inactive life.  Last year, when I started swimming regularly with my son, on the first visit, 
according to the DailyMile data, I covered about 50 meters in 45 minutes or so.  There was much resting between the short trips from one side of the pool to the other. I vaguely recall that it was the pool width that I swam along, not the length. One good kick off the side of the pool and I would be about half-way across already so it was not really that much swimming. Yet I was tired by the time I got to the other side of the pool. During subsequent visits I would increase the number of "laps", or just the number of trips from one side of the pool to the other to slowly build up my endurance. Then Chelsea Pool was closed for renovation, if I recall correctly, and I finally made the trip to Flushing Meadows Aquatic Center (FMAC).

As noted in http://www.qaptainqwerty.com/2012/01/i-wanna-try-tri.html , I was still not that good at FMAC. Just by going there more often somehow helped me to get better. For most of January, I maintained a total distance of 200 meters per visit, non-continuous of course. But I am lasting longer and longer with this past Saturday reaching a new peak of 350 meters. From what little I read about swimming, a mile or two is the typical distance good swimmers put in per workout. I am not even a quarter there but if I can go from 54 to 350 in a few months, it seems possible.


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