29 February 2012


Had I know 20+ years ago that some day I would get to meet Al Jaffee of MAD magazine, I would make sure I secure the work of making the parody of his famous fold-in page.  Come to think of it, I cannot recall how the work was doled out.  Maybe it was just whoever happened to be around.  Interesting thing to note is that although The Cooper Union has three schools within it, namely Architecture, Arts, and Engineering, most, if not all, the drawings in the MAD parody was done by Engineering students.  Talk about wanting to do something different with our lives.  In a future post I will show the rest of the thin magazine, but below is the two-page spread I did.  It is a copycat of Dave Berg's regular series, "The Lighter Side Of".  Again, someone provided the ideas and I did the drawings.

I scanned the two pages separately and digitally re-combined them.  There are five mini-stories.  Note that M.E. LAB spreads across the two pages.

Perhaps to do better justice for the drawing the reader should read the stories one page at a time.  Bigger pictures and hopefully easier-to-read text.  I am amazed what I was capable of without the aide of fancy computer programs.

A little background:  Back in those days, Cooper Union did not have a dorm and students either commute from home or rent nearby.  Or as the STUDENT HOUSING story claims, sleep in the nearby Astor Place subway station of the #6 line...  Again, note that the second strip is continuation of frame #1 on the other page.  Professor JWH was another person who liked to talk.

I belatedly (read: this week) discovered that Dave Berg went to Cooper Union and lived in Brooklyn.  Although he died of cancer in 2002, he was past 80 years old at the time.  Fifty of those years were spent at MAD magazine.  Amazing!

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