07 March 2012


Back to that special issue of MADD magazine that was actually a parody of the King of Parody magazine, MAD.  So I had a few pages and Matthew Imbriano got the front and back covers.  Someone with the pen name "Jonesias" got the inside front cover.  I do not know who he was but given the topic, Chemistry, I suspect he was a Chemical Engineering student.  (I did not bother writing "he or she" because it was very likely that it was a guy.  In the Engineering School, ratio of women to men was 1:5.)

In case you are not familiar with the Spy vs. Spy series in MAD magazine, it was originally done by Antonio Prohías and features the Black Spy and the White Spy, always inflicting harm on each other via contraptions and booby-traps.

In the last post about MADD, did you figure out the message the Fold-In reveals?  "Go to a real school."  Without a dorm, a gym, or a campus, e.g. a pedestrian plaza for students to walk from one building to another without the worry of being run over by a city bus, Cooper Union was not the typical college experience to some.

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