02 March 2012


As mentioned in earlier posts, there were other Engineering students who drew for the April's Fool issue of the Cooper Pioneer school newspaper.  I do not recall knowing any of them except for Matthew Imbriano.  He did the cover page and the back cover, which is a fold-in à la Al Jaffee.

Matt and I were Mechanical Engineering students and we had many classes together.  More than once he showed me his drawings, perhaps made during class or some other times that he was bored.  After all these years I cannot recall the details of what he drew but one drawing I remember very well.  It depicts Professor Chinitz, probably in a thermodynamic class, "holding" a quantity of energy in his hand, with the quantity of energy looking like a small energy ball often seen in Street Fighter or Dragon Ball.  I can draw decent pictures but am not so good at caricatures, or at least not from memory.  Matt was very good at drawing caricatures and the picture of Prof. Chinitz was very accurate.  I wonder if he's making a living with his talent, or at least still make use of it.

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