20 March 2012


In this year, 2012 A.D., I will participate in a sport the name for which starts with "TRI" and rhymes with "ON".  Hmm, what can it be?  Triathlon?  But you cannot even swim 50 meters non-stop!  Sadly, it is true, no triathlon for me this year.  What I will do in 2012 is to run three marathons, or tri-marathon, get it?  Of course it won't be back-to-back races like Dean Kamazes’ 50-state streak.

For my hard work of completing 9 qualifying NYRR races and doing volunteering for one event (9+1) in 2011, I have guaranteed entry for the 2012 NYRR NYC Marthon, scheduled for November 4.  It cost an arm and a leg nowaday to run the NYC Marathon, but since I already did 9+1, might as well go through with it.  An item on the bucket list, that is what the NYC Marathon has become.

I subscribe to the mailing list NYCRUN.COM.  Early in the year, when I learned about the big discount on the Yonkers Marathon, I jumped at it.  Only $40!  How low can it go?  A few weeks ago, registration for the Brooklyn Marathon opened and even though the race will still be limited to Prospect Park, I signed up for it anyway.  It’s my home borough, I gotta support it.  The cost went up by $10 but at $80 it’s still affordable.

I would also sign up for the Rockaways Marathon too but it will be held a few weeks before the NYC Marathon.  I already spent so much money for the NYC Marathon, I do not want to take any chances with having a marathon done before the big one.  Like the Brooklyn Marathon, Rockaways’ was born just last year.  Hopefully it will be around next year as I plan to skip the NYC Marathon and use the money to run a few more races.

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