15 July 2012


Since I published the post about the newly opened Calvert Vaux Park, I re-visited it twice, each time seeing something I missed the last time.  All good!

A mist-spraying station, like those found in amusement parks, how cool is that!  I actually used this very same one, with my son, when we came to the park for him to target-shoot with his toy shotgun.
The park does have a restroom after all.  In passing by the trailer, I told my son that I thought this would be it, and he told, "It is!  It says 'MEN' on it."  Sure enough, the door was even unlocked and I peeked inside.  From the lack of smell, it seems the facility was not heavily used yet.  In going back to my photo from a few days ago, I was glad to know that the trailer was not labeled as a restroom at the time.  For a moment, I thought I have lost it!
Dating couples can use the semi-circular bench in the dead-end to steal a kiss, or some gun-loving kid can be prone on it to shoot at empty containers.  Standing on the bench, I spied a pond a few feet to the left of the bench.

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