17 October 2012


And now for something completely different... a cartoon!  Lately, I've written mostly about my running routines.  I want to present a variety of topics so let's introduce something completely different.  At one time, I drew a new cartoon almost every week to entertain my co-workers.  There was a hiatus then I started drawing for ATPM.com, almost monthly.  Something else happened and I barely drew anything  for a long time... until this week.  Portrait/caricature is usually a challenge for me so I asked my Facebook friends to volunteer.  I got one and here's the end product.  It was drawn on a white board with wet-erase markers, then captured with a phone camera and cropped slightly to remove the easel border.


  1. Glad to see you are back to drawing. Reading posts about your running make me feel so ashamed of my inactivity. But I like the photos you took along the race. Nice drawing. BTW, is it a Harley? And where is/are the tattoo? Haa haa
    Have a good week,
    PS: We have heavy rain and thunderstorm here. The Cardinals game was delayed. Looks like the Tigers might sweep the Yankees. It would be interesting that Cards v. Tigers again in WS.

  2. It is not a Harley, but I cannot tell what it is either. In the photo, the woman has tattoos on her left arm, but I didn't reproduce it that well.