31 October 2012


The New York City Marathon will be on as scheduled this Sunday and Halloween was on as well, in New York City at least, minus the parade in Greenwich Village.  It is sad that many people continue to suffer the consequence of Hurricane Sandy, but we need to get back to our normal lives as much as possible.  I will donate some to charity and plan to donate some time by volunteering, as well.  For today, for a few hours, I took my son and other kids out trick-or-treating.
My son, with a big smile, is on the right with the Minecraft "Steve" boxy head.  I made it from, well, a box.  Most kids on the street recognized the costume and happily shouted "Minecraft".  On the other hand, most adults, ignorant as they were, saw the costume as "blockhead" or "box-head".
A kid with a bought Minecraft costume posed with my guy, with my less expensive home-brewn design.  I don't know how the bought costume fare, but mine has a helmet mounted inside and attached to the outer box so that son could move his head up and down without it dropping off.
It gets hot and itchy after a while so my son would take off the boxy head.  Holding it is somewhat awkward so after a while I just wore it.
Minecraft Steve and Little Mario.
I told my son to smile for the camera but he did not.
Minecraft Steve with his loot.  The house still did not have full power and my old camera's flash is not working so the photo is not bright enough.
Son with his loot.

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