09 November 2012


A crazy idea popped into my head this week.  Maybe I can look into being employed by NYPD as a sketch artist.  I don't even know how much the pay is or if they work crazy hours.  I certainly love to draw, maybe getting paid to sketch people of interest based on vague description by eyewitnesses is the thing I want.  Sure beat cartoon syndication, maybe.  If I do go that route, I'll let you know but below are two drawings I made recently of some Facebook friends.

I like this drawing of C a lot.  It actually looks like her.  C graduated from high school with me, same year, although it was a big school so we didn't know each other.  While planning a reunion 25 years later, I friended her on Facebook and eventually learned that we share the hobby of running.
I think I failed miserably with this drawing of my Wordscraper friend H, but she was generous enough to say that it's just my interpretation of her appearance.  So nice of her, I should send her a 12-unit sonobe orb with photos.

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