12 November 2012



With humor, like with many other things in life, timing is critical.  Make a joke about something that happened two weeks ago and nobody may get the joke, as opposed to something that happened yesterday.  I learned the word AZOLE some weeks ago in a Scrabble game and instantly thought of a certain anatomical part.  I even remarked to my opponent the use of the word when one is cut off by another motorist.

A few weeks later, Hurricane Sandy hit New York and as a result, there were long lines for gasoline.  Naturally, some jerks tried to cut the line, as reported in a number of news outlet.  I finally got around to drawing the above cartoon and posted on Facebook for my friends' enjoyment and guess what?  This morning the gas station near me already had no lines and not because it ran out of gas.  I saw people pumping gas.  At another gas station on Fourth Avenue near Union Street, there was also no line and some people were happily pumping away.  I don't think it's the recently-implemented odd-and-even system working its magic either.  More likely more gas got to more stations and the scarcity ended.  In related news, New Jersey will end gas rationing starting Tuesday 6 AM.  At least my cartoon came out before that.

Any way, are we back to our wasteful way or will we use the cars only when necessary and use other modes of transportation, such as walking or cycling, when possible?
A sign of the past and never to be seen again, I hope.

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