14 November 2012


Once the 2012 NYC Marathon was cancelled, most runners immediately thought of other marathons to sign-up for so as put all that training to good use.  Some 3,000 took up the extra spots created in Philadelphia, others signed up with Richmond, VA or Harrisburg, PA to get their fix.  I wish I have the extra money for the trip out of town, motel room, etc plus marathon registration, but I don't.  Luckily, back in February I already signed up for the Brooklyn Marathon.  I ran the inaugural Brooklyn Marathon last year and like its size and simplicity.  Just a few hundred runners in size, it took no time to cross the starting line.  Sure the course was a few loops of Prospect Park but it was the first year, maybe things will change down the road.  For 2012, the race is set for November 18, or this coming Sunday, just two weeks after the cancelled NYC Marathon.

For the disappointed refugees of the NYC Marathon, the Brooklyn Marathon tried to get expanded but the request was denied.  Prospect Park was already used to store equipments and such related to the recovery effort from Hurricane Sandy.  Naturally, people who were hoping to get into the Brooklyn Marathon wait-list were disappointed, but at least they have credits for future race with NYCRUNS.  Life is full of chances.  I'm still counting on the very slim chance that I'll get some money back from the  cancelled NYC Marathon.  For now, I still have Brooklyn...

Casablanca, anyone?

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