10 December 2012


I did some heavy lifting yesterday and my arms are sore from the work.  I do need to spend more time doing core exercises, get the upper body into better shape.  The soreness, plus the gloomy rain, made me not want to run, so I did not run at all today.  The scenes in this blog post is from last week, when I ran along Stillwell to Coney Island then to the western end of the boardwalk.  I actually went with that route in two consecutive days, which is unusual for me.  The first day I went with a phone that was already low on battery life, so low that the phone itself wouldn't let me take photos of the changes I saw in Coney Island west.  So I came back the next day with a cell phone fully charged.

The boardwalk is mostly free of sand by now.  All that sand that Sandy blew onto the boardwalk went somewhere else. Note that it is not unusual to have some layers or patches of sand on the boardwalk.
The 27th Street dead end is where some of the sand was trucked over from elsewhere.  Them sands got to go somewhere and it's too much work to put in on the other side of the boardwalk, I am sure, and I am not being sarcastic.
Another view of the man-made sand dunes at 27th Street.
The western-most ramp of the boardwalk, at 37th Street, was closed.  One section of the railing was broken.
I think there used to be an impenetrable fence separating Sea Gate Community from the rest of Coney Island.
On the beach there are these corrals of junks collected after the storm.
Tons of garbage bags on the beach.
So there were piles of wood, then garbage bags, I suppose this is "Others".
Nathan's Hot Dogs is closed but the store at 86th Street and around Seventh Avenue is open for business.

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