04 January 2013


Every now and then when I venture out from the rock that I live under I would see this red poster about keeping calm and do something else.  I believe the first instance I saw related to the TV show "The Walking Dead".  My favorite is the one that says "KEEP CALM AND RUN ON", either from Runner's World or one of those running-related Facebook pages.  Yes, running keep me calm, I shall keep calm and continue running.  But I have another hobby that I like very much and wanted to make my own poster, with my own message and logo.  The first meme generating web site I came across was a generic one that happened to have some templates for the Keep Calm theme.  It was not that good as far as Keep Calm goes.  The one that I actually used is


You can change pretty much everything, e.g. the four lines of text, the logo at the top, the background picture or color.  You can even change the typeface for the text.  Very cool!

(I had to play around a bit with the "logo" in Photoshop to remove the background from the photo I took with my cell phone.  I also had doctor up the picture to make the logo blends into the background better.)

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