13 January 2013


I helped out at the NYCRUNS Central Park 10-Miler as a bike marshal.  Fur real!  I was actually riding in front of the runners at the start, for a short while anyway.  Some of these lead runners were just amazing!  I heard stories of bike marshals not able to keep up with the runners before, especially with ascending hills.  Today I actually experienced it!  Sure, I usually catch up with the runners on the downhill, but on the uphill in the beginning I would be a few meters ahead, then my bike would slow down (I kept the same gear to not take unfair advantage), then before long the runners would actually overtook me.  Incredible!  After one loop of Central Park, from the south end to the 102nd Street Transverse, I stopped at the Transverse to help with the clean-up of discarded water cups.  Below are the few photos I took of the volunteers.  I only got the water stations at the start and at the Transverse, plus my fellow bike marshals, but thank you all volunteers!

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