09 January 2013


I love making sonobes, modular origami objects made up of six, twelve, or thirty units.  The 6-unit pieces are cubic in shape but the 12- and 30-unit are rounder and approach a sphere.  One question I am often asked is, "What do you do with them?"  Naturally, with their roundish shape, they make decent "balls" to toss around.  As a matter of fact, I had an ex-colleague who threw the pieces around so much he would have to bring them back to me to fix.  I didn't use glue or staples to hold the units together so after a few tosses they come apart.  Also, moisture from the hands weaken the paper.  They are made out of paper, after all.

Besides being treated as easily breakable balls, I actually have a few other uses for my sonobes.

I sometimes cannot remember where I leave my near-sight glasses.  One solution is always rest the glasses on a sonobe I have displayed in the cabinet in the kitchen.  As long as I don't randomly put the glasses, I know where to find them.
As space jam!  My heating system circulates heated water through pipes that snake throughout the house.  The pipes run along the foot of the walls.  Furnitures cannot go all the way to the wall and I hate to have things dropped into the space between the wall and the furnitures.  Pop in a few 12-unit sonobes made from 8.5" x 11" papers, about 6" in diameter and the problem is solved!
As support for climbing plants!  Sure you can just let the plant crawl along a desktop, but why not let it raise up and catch some more sunlight or whatever light there is to absorb?

I hope you like the decorations I made of the photos using the built-in tools in Google Photos (assuming that's the name for the Google app.)

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