12 February 2013


Let's hear it for Brooklyn Freecycle!  Or FreecyclePlus actually.

Did you visit any of those links I provided in my last post?  Practicing what I preach, I actually posted a few things with Brooklyn Freecycle today.  It's nice that my Offers appeared right away, but it won't do any good if nobody wants the stuff.  I am sure if the site ever gets popular, spammers will ruin it for everyone and new posts will have to be approved, just like with The Freecycling Network.

FreecyclePlus uses a point system in dealing with Offers and Requests.  Supposedly, people can bid with points to have a better chance of getting stuff.  But points are not really required to bid.  Huh?  It reminds me of Whose Line Is It Anyway's point system.  The points don't matter and Drew Carey awarded, the improv geniuses on the show, with abandon.

Anyway, one of the stuff I am offering on Brooklyn Freecycle is these CD tray thingamajig, viewable at


Do you have any idea how to use these trays?  I only I bought at BJ's Wholesale not really knowing how they are to be used.  Many years later they just sit around not used.  I suspect they are used together with some CD-organizing system, perhaps hooked onto some rod and swing out as needed.  Hope someone will see through and can put them to good use.

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  1. Hi Linus! Thanks for taking the time to write about FreecyclePlus. It's great to have you as a member, and I'm glad that you were able to give away a few of your items. You mentioned the possibility of having a spam problem when we get popular. We've actually given this quite a bit of thought, and we're confident that our geolocation protection for membership will help quite a bit. There are other things that we can do to keep the site clean, but I'm not going to reveal the secrets to the spammers reading my comments. LOL I look forward to you continued participation, and I really appreciate your blog post. All the best, David C FREE O, FreecyclePlus