05 March 2013


To Scrabble players "SUQ" and "QAT" are two useful words to know.  Unfortunately, like many Scrabble words, the meanings can be hard to remember and I myself often get the two mixed up.  A suq is a marketplace in the Middle East whereas a qat is a type of evergreen plant.  As I plan to write this blog post, the first phrase that came to my punster mind was "Generosity fills the qat", which can be the headline for a story about runners taking over a marketplace that serves as the starting point of a race.  I know, it is contrive, as is often the case with puns.  Recall that I have trouble assigning the correct meaning to the respect words.  Since qat is an evergreen plant, my catchy phrase is totally meaningless.  Bummer, definitely a first-world problem.

The runners and walkers at the Generosity 5K Brooklyn this past Sunday 4 March 2013 in Prospect Park participated to raise money for more serious issues, like getting injured veterans back into society or helping Coney Island recovers from Hurricane Sandy.  I was stationed at the intersection of West Lake Drive and Well House Drive to direct participants to make the turn into Well House, lest they make a big loop and do more than 5K.  I also snapped a bunch of photos as runners and walkers approached my station.  See if you find yourself below or at the Picasa link.
Nice-looking start chute.

Nice looking finish chute.
I happen to be reading a Star Wars book in which a Lost Tribe of Sith infiltrated the Galactic Government.  In the case of the Generosity 5K, it's Lost Tribes Beverage, not Sith.

For all the photos I took today of the event, visit



  1. Wow, that is a lot of stuff.

    1. You mean the start and finish chutes, etc? There were also the Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders (Brooklynettes) to perform and entertain, raffles complete with spin wheel, plus prizes for top fundraisers.