22 April 2013


Happy Earth Day!  Not that it means much to me, since for me every day is a day to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I try not to use drinking straws and just sip from the lips of bottles and cans.  I try to recycle every bits of paper around the house large or small.  I walk, run, or cycle when I go on my own, that is, not accompanied by family etc.  I hate driving, or more exact, the parking part when I need to leave the car.  Every day is Earth Day, but for this year's Earth Day, here's a little something I made while doing my morning run.  I would love to include "Happy", or "happy" rather, but with just the two words it was already over 9 km long and I had an appointment to be at.

Go to http://connect.garmin.com/player/301690842 to see how the path was made.  I am proud that my blog is as transparent as a Lululemon yoga pants, so I want you to know that the A and the E were made without any trespassing, but rather with careful stopping and resuming of the watch and running around a path segment a few times.


  1. Happy Earthday to you too Qap.
    I am doing my small part - still trying to reduce all the clutter around my house.
    Good job with "gwriting" - having fun while running.
    Be well, be safe and keep on running!
    PS: We are fine - no danger with flooding.

    1. Good to know about the flooding, TOTA.