02 May 2013


My gwriting has happened faster than I can blog about them, so here's a little gallery of what I made in recent days.  Also collected here are rules and tips about gwriting.

  • Unless you write in separate runs, everything is connected.  A separate run is when you reset the GPS watch.
  • Try to keep the connection between letters at the bottom of the word.  This means you sometimes need to go up and down a letter a few times, e.g. making the uppercase N while going from left to right you would be done at the upper right but you want the next letter start at the bottom so you have to go back down.
  • If you make a mistake just trace you way back.  In the big picture, the mistake may not be so bad.
  • Uppercase letters done over a 2x2 grid look great, but you'll need to run longer distance.
  • On the other hand, lowercase letters done over a single block are not bad either.  For "a" and "e", or other characters that have lines going through the block, there is no need to actually trespass private properties, just iTrespass.
  • iTrespass relies on the fact that the path is draw as a series of lines between two points.  To draw the "a", ideally you would start from the overhanging part on the left, go over to the right side, pause the watch a third of the way down, then go to the left, about a third of the way up unpause the watch.  A line would then be drawn from the right side to the left side.  The GPS won't know that you made the long way around the block.    To finish the letter, run back to the right side, past the pause point.

For the first day of "May Run Every Day Challenge" hosted by "I  < 3 To Run"

For a good friend.  The thing on the right is supposed to be two concentric circles and the thing at Stillwell Avenue and 28th Avenue is supposed to be a diamond.

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