22 June 2013


Instead of the usual forage into Forest Park, this Saturday I visited Elmhurst Park and nearby area.  Elmhurst Park is relatively new, especially to me since I haven't visited the area in a while.  See if you can figure what it used to be.  Don't cheat by going to the last photo.  Likewise, can you figure what used to be on the same block that is now P.S. 58?  Garlinger Triangle may be the clue.  JHS 73 hasn't changed much since I last visited.  The only difference this time is I took a panoramic photo of the front of the building.
Elmhurst Park, in uh, Elmhurst, Queens.  It is on Grand Avenue near a railroad track, which is to the right in the photo, but not shown.
Elmhurst Park plaque on the ground.  I purposely included my colorful running shoes in the photo.
Panoramic view of Elmhurst Park from the inside, with bench area on the left, then the comfort station, playground, and hill.
Elmhurst Park's $2-million comfort station.
Elmhurst Park Playground as seen from the hilltop.
P.S. 58 community playground.
P.S. 58, the School of Heroes.
Garlinger Triangle in the foreground, PS 58 in the back.

Garlinger Triange, memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in The World War.
JHS 73 main entrance.
Haven't figured what used to be on the same spot as Elmhurst Park?

From Gas to Grass!

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