23 June 2013


Some summer a few years ago I visited Governors Island three times.  The island is closed to the public during most of the year but is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  It is basically a big park, with no vehicular traffic other than island staff or from special events.  It is a great place to stroll, run, or bike.  I loved it, but following summers things just didn't work out and I didn't go once.  Today, I used the excuse of volunteering for the Get Outside on Governors Island (GOGI) 10K foot-race to visit the island.  I helped with some cleanup of a little mess the Recess Badminton Game from the day before, then helped direct the runners toward the festival area as they got off the ferry, and finally as course marshal near the Brooklyn Ferry dock.

I cannot remember much from previous visits, but the biggest change is that now the island is mostly inaccessible to the public.  The island's shape looks like an ice cream cone and the cone itself is now off-limit.  Only the ice cream scoop is usable.  No more making a loop of the entire island.  You just have to wait a few years.  From what I've seen in the past on the island, I think it will be worth the wait.  Cone or scoop, just find the time to visit the island.  You will enjoy it!

Supermoon and Lady Liberty.
Here comes the first few hundreds runners from the 7 AM ferry!
Some lead runners charging up the cobble-stone hill.
Turn, turn, turn, there's a season for every reason, or something like that.
AT&T Street Charge, with iPhone 4 plug pulled out.  There's also a micro-USB connector on the other sides.

StreetCharge pole near Clayton Road.  The techs told me there's some other pole on Yankee Drive or something like that.


  1. Thanks for you help out there.

    One of the things that makes Governors Island wonderful is the fact that the super new is sprinkled around the beautifully old.

    1. You are welcome, CU. I look forward to the day when more of the island is accessible to the public.