16 June 2013


Being a morning runner has many advantages.  Besides getting the run done for the day so you don't risk missing it for the day, the run can be completed faster because you have fewer vehicular traffic to deal with.  Such is the opposite of what I had to deal with today when I "gwrote" "happy dad day", for Father's Day.

Last night, I had dinner with friends, plus other activities, so this morning I needed a few extra hours of sleep.  I headed out for the run around 11:30 AM and didn't come home until about 2 hours later.  I needed the street's rectangular grid to better establish frame of reference for my letters, and once outside the wee hours of the day there is more traffic on the street.  I am a careful runner and always walk at intersections, no chance of some driver claiming I dashed into his way as he makes a turn etc.  If there is no car in sight, as is often the case 6 AM or earlier, I would run across the street, but otherwise it's always a slow walk.

The gwriting turned out good.  I studied the map beforehand and planned it that way.  While there is enough room to keep the three words on the same line, I like to use two lines so I don't have to travel too far from home.  I live near the word "day" so I spelled the phrase backward and use the bus depot as the separator for "dad" and "day".  Then I went a few blocks up and spell "happy" the normal way and headed home.  I tried to avoid having the tops of the "d"s touch the tails of the "p"s by going an extra avenue west but I didn't go far enough.  One tail still touches a top but overall the phrase is still very readable.  In case you wonder, "happy dad day" has fewer characters than "happy father's day", still get the message across and I saved at least fifteen minutes.  Besides, now I can sing, in the style of "Happy Birthday",

happy dad day to you
happy dad day to you
happy dad day to you, man
happy dad day to you

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