17 June 2013


I know afternoon running is not ideal but sometimes it just cannot be helped.  I had a busy morning and didn't find the time to run until 5 PM.  And I had a pickup appointment with a Freecycler at 6!  It's Hal Higdon's birthday and I really wanted to spell out his full name, but there was not enough time for it.  Sorry, Hal, "Higdon" will have to do.  For the inquiring minds, Mr. Hal Higdon is famous in the world of running thanks to his marathon, and other distance, training programs.  See more at http://www.halhigdon.com 

Actually, I thought about sticking "al" below the big H, to have the H pull double duty, but I barely finished the "n" when the Freecycler arrived at my subway station.  I rushed home and brought the two bags of Chinese VHS tapes to her at the subway station.  She texted me that she looked forward to watching the old Chinese movies from the 80s and 90s.  Hopefully the tapes will stay out of the landfill for another ten years, or more, thanks to Freecycling!

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  1. NEAT and it's my neck of the wood, too