01 June 2013


Social media is not all bad.  Sure there are people who misuse it and post all kinds of junk for their "friends" to see, but there are other good uses for it.  For example, the ilovetorun May Challenge, which is a month-long event hosted by ilovetorun.org.  The challenge was to run at least one mile a day for the entire month of May AND do some before sunrise.  Make it more interesting by taking photos of the places you run and share with all participants.  It's just a fun thing to do.  I know some people actually got up before sunrise to run but I myself never did that.  It's just too much of a rush to go run before sunrise then get back in time to drag my son out of bed.  I also didn't run every single day but I only missed two.  Those two days I was active anyway, not like I sat on the couch and caught some TV series marathon.  I did not always share photos of the places that I ran to, although I made some fancy phrases via gwriting, people's names mostly, and made some friends in the process.  I took too many photos to post here, but below are my favorites.

I finally got to visit the recently opened 103rd Street Bridge, which connects Manhattan's East River Esplanade to Wards Island.

Brooklyn Bridge as seen from a hill in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Canarsie Pier, near the Rockaway Parkway exit of the Belt Parkway.

Erasmus Hall High School, or rather the building that once hosted the school.  The building is now home for four smaller schools after Erasmus was closed down for poor performance.  Barbara Streissand and Neil Diamond attended Erasmus in their younger days.

Verrazano Bridge, with Staten Island on the far side.

Williamsburg Bridge as seen from East River Park.

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  1. Excellent photos Qap. Keep up the great photography work - thanks for sharing.
    Cloudy and mid 60s here in STL. Rivers, lakes, creek all overflow from the rain the last few days.
    Have a good week,