21 June 2013


I am fond of fonts.  Well, technically what I'm fond of are called "typefaces", but I cannot think of a verb that sounds like or alliterates with "typeface", so "fond of fonts" will have to do.  What I've been gwriting up to today was the equivalent of stick figures, in the sense that the letters have no actual width.  I know how to write using outline fonts but I don't have the time to do so if there are too many letters in the word or phrase.  "RUTH" is the perfect name to experiment with outline font.  "R" and "H" turned out pretty good but "U" and "T" can be better.  I think the upper left of "U" is an anomaly with the satellite, as I am sure I didn't cross the street there.  I thought about making "T" span three blocks and use a whole block's width for its trunk but didn't, so it looks sorta slender.  Its upper right section is probably another satellite anomaly.  I remember when I was at the corner of 76th Street and 19th Avenue, there was a big gathering of parents etc waiting to enter the school on the block.  It's that time of the year when students graduate, whether from middle school to high school or some other advancement.  The parents blocked the entire sidewalk.  Instead of walking around the blob, I paused the GPS watch THEN walked around them and resumed recording my route afterward.  Somehow the horizontal lines merged and the top of the "T" appears to have no thickness.

Ruth is a friend I knew from PPTC although she's more of a FRNY member.  Her special day is around the corner.  Not only I gwrote her name, I also composed the following, ahem, clean limerick:

There is a Front Runner named Ruth
Over forty, your honor, no harsh truth
Much energy for Hadassah
Always smile for the camarah
Deep inside she is just a mere youth

"RUTH", 10 km in 1:24


  1. How about TOTA - it would be simple and easy.
    If you need more miles, you could add STL.

    1. Will do, TOTA, but be warned that a friend of mine described the font "bubbly", which can be misinterpreted as "chubby" or "fat"...