13 July 2013


Yesterday I was going to trace out a run route that says "Hire Me".  I felt that it would help me land a job very soon, but then I checked my calendar and saw that it was Jeff Galloway's birthday.  Mr. Galloway is well-known in the running community for championing the Run-Walk-Run method.  While doing the June Run-Everyday Challenge, I started to plan ahead what to generate for each run, or places to visit.  I like to be current, so I looked up birthdays of famous people in the running community.  I got Hal Higdon covered, now Galloway, and next week is Mary Wittenberg.  Other than famous runners, I took requests from friends and also stayed with special events, like Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Hmm, that reminds me I should do "TOTA" soon.

On the Garmin Connect web site, I usually make a screenshot of the path from the animated screen.  It's bigger and is usually better, but not with the Galloway path.  For some reason, the screenshot from the animated screen, second picture below, shows the "L"s as being connected above the base line.  To give the "L"s extra width, I did use iTrespass near their bottom, so it's possible I paused and unpaused the watch at the wrong time.  However, the first picture, captured from the Details screen on Garmin Connect, shows the "L"s as I intended.  Weird how the GPS sometimes act up.


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