09 July 2013


When I trace out a name during my run, if the name is short, i.e. three or four letters in length, I would try to do something different.  Today I planned to spell "Leo", for a friend on DailyMile, and since there are only three letters to deal with, I experimented with making the letters three-dimensional.

I purposely picked the area along Avenue U and West 7th Street to start the name, but it turned out I didn't have time for all three letters.  GPS art, or gwriting, involves a lot of running up and down a street.  You don't want extraneous lines so sometimes you have to go back along a street just to avoid the extra lines.  Making 3D letters, or letter as it turned out, only requires even more time.  I only had enough time to make the "L" and it was time to head back to get my son out of bed for summer school. I don't want him to get up too late and have a late breakfast then not have appetite for lunch at summer school, which at 11:30 is somewhat early.

After seeing the letter on the screen, I noticed two issues.  The horizontal part is too short.  It should have extended further east another block.  The other issue concerns the lines that give the letter its third dimension.  I thought about running back and forth across the street as I travel West 7th Street and Avenue U, but didn't do it for fear of losing even more time, but luckily it was not necessary.  The GPS can only have so much accuracy and simply running along said streets three times was enough to fill in the thickness.

"L" as in "Leo", far from perfect but pretty good for a first stab at using 3D font in GPS art.
In other news, earlier I spelled "Megan", for all the Megans and variations in Prospect Park Track Club.  I recently learned that at the annual picnic a few weeks ago there was a team of three relay runners all named Megans or similar spellings.  Something new I tried with this gwriting is the connection of "g" to "a".  I absolutely hate the horizontal lines between letters.  They are necessary evil, but if I can avoid them I will, and I did.  I had to sorta trespassed some property to get it done, but it was worth it.

Where's Megan?

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