11 July 2013


"I wish I did not run this morning," said no runner ever.  I cannot imagine any scenario when a runner would regret having run that morning.  Unless he somehow caused the end of the world or something of that great magnitude.  Runners just run, feel good for the rest of the day, and look forward to the next run, usually the next day.  Heck, I myself occasionally ran more than once a day, like when I stay with the back-of-the-pack runners in the Al Goldstein Summer Series.  There is just no regret to having already run.  On the other hand, if you don't run in the morning then events of the day unfold as they always do, you end up not running at all, then you will regret for not able to run.  Such is my case today.  I actually got up at 5 A.M. but it was still dark outside.  I could have stretched indoor, if I was afraid of becoming a crime statistic, as chances are by the time I would be done stretching the sun would be up.  Not that it's any safer light or dark, random acts of violence just happens.  But I didn't stretch and instead stretched out on the couch.  Until 8 AM.  Then events of the day unfolded and I didn't run the whole day.  I didn't even walk my son to summer school and back.  That would at least be a 2-mile walk, maybe even with Charity Miles app.  Nope, the sky looked ominous so I drove my son and nephew to summer school.  Hmm, in the afternoon, I did walk to school to pick up my son and walked back home, so I may have 2 miles to log for DailyMile after all.  But overall it was a Fat  Thursday for me.  Little exercise, had some ice cream cone as lunch's dessert, watched movie on DVD while eating caramel nuts, ugh.

Yesterday was a different story.  I jumped out of bed at 5 with the intention of making a 3D-ish version of "LEO", for a friend on DailyMile who appreciates my GPS art.  And I sure did, with enough time to get home to drag my son out of bed for summer school.  Too bad the "O" may appear to be an "N", but as I was trying to make the hole in the "O" a local resident was unloading stuff from his car.  I would look suspicious if I kept circling his car, so I didn't.  The "E" turned out really well, so did the "L" although I definitely didn't trespass any property, virtually or not, at the top of the letter on the left side.  Sometimes the GPS computer would just does not work right.

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