23 July 2013


The Prospect Park Track Club is having a gmap contest.  I suppose "gmap" is a shorter version of "GPS art".  It seems it's a no-brainer that I should enter the contest, what with my ability to trace out letters and words.  Actually, it's quite a challenge to work within the confine of a forest, which is basically what Prospect Park is.  I am probably one of the few PPTC members who live far away from the park and don't run there regularly.  On those occasions I did run in Prospect Park, it was always on the roadway and not on those trails within the park.  Finally, a requirement for the contest is that the path must be actually travelled, so I cannot use my nifty iTrespass technique to overcome barriers.  Bummer!

I've been staring at Prospect Park on a map and don't see anything that pops out of it.  Strangely, even though I didn't see the movie, "Sharknado" kept coming to mind.  It's one of those ridiculous disaster movies, in this case tornadoes AND sharks!  Stop the both of them by dropping a bomb into them!  Save the girl by going down a shark's throat with a chainsaw and cut your way out of its stomach!  So Sharknado I tried to make and, like the movie, it was a disaster.

I started near Grand Army Plaza and made my way down the West Drive.  I thought I could easily cross the park a few times to make the funnel of the tornado then every now and then find some open space to make the sharks.  Though the distance appears great in person, for the satellite to properly make anything out of the path the lines would have to be done on a much greater area.  I used Comic Life to add text to the map of where things went wrong.  No obvious drawing of any sharks, even the tornado didn't look like a bunch of ovals stacking on each other.  It didn't help that I didn't know the inside of Prospect Park well.  A few times I hit dead ends and had to trace my way back, lest I introduce extra lines.  In another case, it was a huge puddle, from a recent thunderstorm that broke the heat wave.  iTrespass would have taken care of that, but it's not allowed.  Oh well, at least I got to run to places within the park that I never visited before.

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