19 July 2013


Today's gwriting is for my #1 blog fan, TOTA!  There are only four letters to write so I tried to give the letters a little thickness, by traveling on the other side of the street, or the other side of the block.  The extra tail under the leftmost T is regrettable, but I don't like to have the path ends there, where in some view Garmin would add a drop-pin, which would sorta messes up the picture.

I thought of also draw an arch over the word, but it was too hot by the time I finished so I called it a day.  I did cool down, twice, by sticking my head into the spray fountain at Bath Playground.  It was so refreshing!

In other news, I am glad to report I was wrong about Google Auto Awesome not able to distinguish the background of my photos from Wednesday's Al Goldstein race.  It seems a little time is needed, that is all.  This morning I discovered that a little animation was made out of the Al Goldstein photos, https://plus.google.com/109153989599275468311/posts/3w7VBbh8SUg

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Qap for the special gwriting, considering I am not a runner and you did it just out of the kindness of your heart. And efforts from your feet - haa haa.
    It is hot here in STL but should cool down a little. Then comes August - everyone knows it is hotter than "h*ll" in STL, thru Sept. too.
    Thanks again. Be careful and keep cool,