21 November 2013

The Kong and I

It's kinda sad how we sometimes cannot help ourselves but just go with the flow.  I used to be annoyed by those people who play turn-based games, say on Facebook, like Wordscraper, and take forever to move.  Or those who only use iDevices and cannot see the whole web page or miss out on things and complain that they don't see so and so.  Unfortunately, that's what I've become.  At home, I don't get much computer time, traditional computer, that is, both because my son uses the MacBook Pro most of the time plus that I work long hours these days with a long commute.  I do have a data plan at last so yes lots of my computing time is on the iPhone,  At least I don't complain about things I don't see because I know the iDevices' limits.  Still, today I reach a new low by... (drum roll)... going with Throwback Thursday!

Here's an old photo of me (I'll let you figure out which one is me) some time back in the early 1980s.  I think it was at a street fair on Sixth Avenue.  Maybe if I dig around about Lindy's Famouse F*****, the business shown in the background, I can confirm that it was on Sixth Avenue.

More to come: Friday Funnies!  Maybe...

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  1. In the early '80s I spent a summer selling ice cream on THAT corner. Lyndy's let me use their bathroom.